ezTodo - Easy Todo with Toodledo Sync

ezTodo is a simple, easy and fast task manager, reminder, checklist, shopping list.
No clutter, no complexity, convenient to use!
Highly intergrated intuitive UI makes managing tasks super fast by fewer taps.
There are famous rich, huge funcion apps like "Awesome note", "TODO" but some complex to use.
ezTodo is focused to little time consuming to use, because your time is precious.

Due dates, star, priority, d-day, repeat, alarm and note are displayed in one place at a glance.
  • Group tasks by colored category in one place.
  • Quick sorting by time, priority, title
  • Rescheduling recurrent task and auto next alarm set with a touch of a finger
  • Task title multiline display
  • Instant toggling note view

 Calendar View 'by category'

Search & Quick Add task 'by category'

  • Real-time search by title or note in each category.
  • If you don't find task by search, add task quickly and continueously by quick add button. 
  • It makes checklist or shoppinglist easy.

 Editing task in one place

Multiple Editing
  • You can change multiple task's exporting e-mail, due date, category, deletion quickly.

Toodledo Synchronization

  • Completed tasks auto deleting options

Exporting todo by e-mail

Reliable Alarm Notification (iOS 4)

  • Various app badge counts options.

Passcode Lock for your privacy


Landscape mode

Support full retina display

Chinese, Korean, Japanese localization

Itunes file sharing for DB backup/restore

and more features in the future..